What it feels like when her curve game is STRONG…


Me (in my head): ……Should I thirst? ….idk, idk, idk, idk, she is fine and I would actually sleep on her booty……should I tell her?…..idk, idk…..

……..fuck it


Woman: *curves another nigga BADLY*

Me: *see’s how strong her curve game is*


Me: *decides against decision to thirst*


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"Explain the picture of you and Tupac."

Rosie: ” Everyone thought that we were having sex…and weren’t. What had happen was is that I was supposed to go the Soul Train Music awards with this other guy in the music industry don’t ask who, he stood me up! He stood me up 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave and Tupac..we were friends and he called me up he was like “wassup?” and I was crying and he said ” Yo, forget that muthafucka.”, and he said let’s go up there, i’ll be your date.” and I said what? and he goes ” He’s gonna be so jealous of me and you.” and everything and I said “yeah?” and he goes “plus I want you to hook me up with Madonna.”  We were in the limousine me, Tupac and my best friend Julie and we were sitting there smoking and I look at Pac and he looks at me and I go “Are we supposed to kiss or something?” and he said no, because you’re the type of girl that someone marries.” 

Audience: “Awwww”

"So, Did he end up leaving with Madonna or hooking up with Madonna?"

Rose: *nods* “and we got out of the limo and I was soo stoned and I was so scared and everything and he’s like “Don’t worry, I got you and that’s the moment in the picture of him holding my hand. It was so cute and when we got there, I didn’t realize, He was sleeping with half the women in the industry anyway!


Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash


//damita jo #msjacksonifyanasty


//damita jo #msjacksonifyanasty